Can Nick Foles work The Manning Curse on the Patsies?

Come on Philly... Get it done!!!
Prediction: Foles and Eagles "D" DOMINATE!


The Patriots Miss on DeCastro
Associated Pressed

Sometimes you trade up to get your man.

Sometimes the pick falls into your lap.

Other times you fall on your face.

The Patriots and Belichick took a gamble in trading for the 25th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. The truth is, they missed their man. And they have the Steelers to thank for it.

The New England Patriots' war room was buzzing. No one in the room could take their eyes from the draft board at the front wall. It was mesmerizing to see that name, "DeCastro", having no line through it and the 24th pick about to be made. The many crossed-out names below DeCastro's only served to magnify the beauty of the opportunity that had somehow knocked on the Patriots' door: A pick of enormous value was theirs for the taking.

David DeCastro is perhaps the best guard available through the draft since Steve Hutchinson was picked by the Seahawks more than a decade ago. Hutchinson's play was so dominating that the Minnesota Vikings dropped a poison pill into their contract offer when wresting him from Seattle in 2006.

Insider consensus was that the Steelers were picking the stud Alabama linebacker, Dont'a Hightower with the 24th pick. Belichick knew that DeCastro would not stay on the board long after that. He had a decision to make. He could sit at the 31st pick and take the best player available, or he could play another of his "genius" cards and trade up to get his man, David DeCastro.

A phone call later, the Patriots secured the 25th pick from the Denver Broncos. They gave up their remaining first round pick (31st) and a fourth rounder (126th overall) for the privilege. Belichick sat and settled deep into his worn leather war room chair. All that remained to do was to wait and watch the Steelers pick Hightower. He could then pull the trigger, steal DeCastro, and bask in the spoils of his coup. He knew that the talking heads were all going to love this! Since the dust had settled down from the 1st three picks of the draft, this 25th pick would surely make him the topic of praiseful conversation for the remainder of the round and beyond.

Roger Goodell strode across the dais toward the microphone. The entire Patriots' war room stood in anticipation and readied to submit their pick once Pittsburgh chose the linebacker.

"With the 24th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select..."

Bill Belichick's guy.

David DeCastro.

Talk about a bitter pill to swallow. Bill folded his arms and hung his head, ruing the premium paid to move up, only to miss on DeCastro. He could barely collect the breath to mutter, "Take Hightower".


The Manning/Manningham Connection (TM) is a classic already...!

Ochocinco Reasons to HATE Tom Brady!!!
1. Because he hasn't blown out his OTHER knee yet.
2. His momma told us to.
3. Chuck Norris hates him... Whats good enough for Chuck is good enough for me.
4. The "weave".
5. He stole your sisters' Wham, Shaun Cassidy, and Donny Osmond album collection.
6. He models his girlfriends undergarmets for her.
7. He fears the San Francisco 49ers - John Fenner
8. Well just saw another reason to hate this tool ! It's third down and this dick just runs a QB sneak for 1 yard when the pats are already up by 32 points. I hate Tom and his little &*^% boyfriend Aaron Hernandez! - Mike Kennett
9. (S)HE punts on 3rd down while winning 45-10 in the 4th quarter. - Michelle Stahlhut
10. He sits when he pees. - Michelle Stahlhut
11. He beats Jesus (Tebow) because he's the Anti-Christ. - Michelle Stahlhut
12. because he's a flaming arrogant tulip! - Mark Scecina
13. Because he's Tom Brady - Tom Bateman
14. He's a spokesmodel for UGG Boots. Seriously? That's gayer than AIDS. - Michelle Stahlhut
15. Just wanted to let you know the Raider Nation stands with you in hating Tom Brady. Fuck the tuck, it was fumble and everyone on Gods green earth knows it. Tom Brady can kiss my Silver & Black cornhole. Go Giants!!! - Mike Gillespie
16. The cavernous dimple. Or, as he likes to call it, his "Chin Pussy".

Send us your reasons!

Hating Brady and proud of it!

Jackson and crew flippin' the bird to Brady!

Yes, Virginia -- It WAS a fumble !!!

I'm willing to bet that Lambert spends a lot of time daydreaming about throwing on the cleats just one more time just to pummel Brady into oblivion!!!

Ryan and Jennifer, two of the greatest Steelers fans on the planet, tailgating before the Jets game.
Smart fans... They HATE Tom Brady, too.
We enjoyed a good beerski (or shot-ski) laughing about Shady Brady's "Hair Club for Men" subscription... They know Tom Brady Sucks... Regardless of what the misguided Pinkie says!!!

Pippi Longstocking

Click here for Boston Herald article.

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(2005 - WDVE)

Go Gillooly on Tom Brady Video (by Ryan Parker)

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Human Clock

Steeler Fan Tribute

People Who Can Throw A Football 10 Yards

Click here to sign a petition to get Merril on Monday Night Football
(Why is Merril Hoge NOT in the Monday Night booth with Jaws -- that would be The BOMB!)

Yeah! Free Beer!!!

Riding the shot-ski with Kris, Randy, and Hawk.

B.Y.O.B. Santa

The editors of have just one thing to say:

Oh, and "B R A D Y S U C K S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

Jets have powerful engines, all the latest technology, speed, and can fly. Patriots drink beer, smoke wacky, carry muskets, and get around on horses... Advantage, Jets. It was beautiful watching Tom Brady mistime his passes to his stinkin' WR corps all game. Patsies went down... PRICELESS!!!

Your editor is very happy camper this morning...
The look on Brady's face for nearly the entire 4th quarter was comical! SNL has nothing on #12. I was LMAO! The look that says, "I'm Tom Brady... This could not possibly be happening to me!!! I am going to write my congressman and complain. I'm supposed to win every game! Hey, doesn't that team know I am the best?!? Why don't they back off and let me win like I'm supposed to?" Too funny, cheaters. What other sport can you be proven to cheat at and still keep your trophies? Even in amateur sports like the olympics, they take your medal away when you are caught cheating. The NFL has this one wrong. At least 2 of those Lombardis should be confiscated from the land of effeminate QBs and chowda! My only hope is that Shady Brady and his cast of characters root for the Jets so that they may be disappointed once again this weekend!!!'s official statement on Brady's early exit from the 2008 campaign:

Although I DO hate Tom Brady with a passion, I do not revel in his his misfortune. I know what you might be thinking, but no I'm not losing it and I'm certainly not being drawn into the irrational, metro-sexual vortex that is "Brady-worship". Honestly, I just don't derive anything positive from his injury. I adhere to the rules of "The Book of Kimo": Hit him hard, watch him fall, but don't kick him when he's down... (Somewhere Carson Palmer is bursting into spontaneous tears!)

There are some other reasons, I'm sure, why I'm not more pleased with the unexpected turn of events:

Maybe it's because Brady is like a pesky fly -- if it's on the other side of the window, I can't swat at it when I'm in a bad mood.

What a double standard the NFL announcers have with him by-the-way. If 99% of the other players in the league had his tarnished history they'd get blasted by the talking heads every Sunday. But NOOO, not Tom Brady and NOOOOOOOOO, NOT RAY LEWIS (the other member of the 1% club)!!!
So, go ahead, announcers, and keep touting him as the classiest act in fooball, we'll tell the real story here!

Or it could be that he reminds me a little bit of the Cleveland Brownies -- When they lost their franchise for a few years, I actually felt a little bit sorry for them. After all the years of hating them and their fans, it was a little pathetic and sad to see their steaming-pile-of-a-franchise spread out as manure in the barren fields of Baltimore. (Garbage-in, Garbage-out!)
But as it turned out, many of the Cleveland fans chose to root for the Steelers during this even darker period of time in Cleveland when they had no team. So we placated them and let them believe they were welcome....
...they weren't. So Tommy, while you're out -- if it makes you feel better -- we'll make you an honorary Cleve-Brownie and let you root for the Steelers this year. Just don't stop over with your girlie-drinks and think you're gonna crash any tailgaters. Let's not get carried away, here!

I don't feel guilty for not being happier that Brady's out. Hey, I hate Hillary Clinton, too. But I wouldn't wish for her to lose her cajones in some freak mechanical bull riding accident!

So, there you have it -- that's the 'official' take on the whole deal. Get well soon, Brady, so the Steelers can plant you into the Heinz field turf in the playoffs next year (if you make it)! Don't worry, the groundskeepers will cover the stain with some god-awful sod that's too damp to be used in a rice paddy... That's just how they do it in the 'Burgh.

And while your sitting back this year with your Terrible Towel cheering for the Steelers, I guess I'll need someone to HATE in the meantime...

So, Coming Soon...!

* Cost of driving the PA turnpike from Pittsburgh to Cleveland: 38 dollars

* New Official Myron Cope Terrible Towel: 7 dollars

* Case of Iron City beer to wash down the victory: 18 dollars

* Being 2 and 1/2 games up on the Browns 2 games into the season: PRICELESS !!!

I have to admit, though, that one good thing has come out of Cleveland. You see, in 1962 Republic Steel of Cleveland offered their logo to the Rooneys for use on their helmets. The Steelers were a bit hesitant, but decided to take them up on the offer. In anticipation of the logo not being accepted by the Steelers faithful, they decided to use the new logo on just one side of the helmet. That way, it wouldn't be an intrusive addition for 1962, nor would it be glaringly missing if removed for the 1963 year. Not only was the logo widely well-received, the novelty of it being only on one side was popular enough for the team to let it ride just as it was. And it's been going strong, kicking ass, and taking names ever since. Thanks, Cleve-Burgh!

Tears for Liberty

If Tom Brady's tears could cure cancer, we'd all live to be 100+ years old after all the crying he did this week! And I love how the Patsie Fans are in complete denial... Blaming the officials!?!?!? Give me a break.

Will we be reprinting this letter for 2012? Let's hope so!!!

" Dear New York Giants,

Thank you so very much for the lovely gift. It is exactly what we were hoping for. How did you know? It left us speechless. (Except for the spontaneous cheering, whooping, and jumping around like idiots...) We don't know how we can ever repay you.

Which leads us to this:

Although we appreciate everything you've done, our hearts belong to another. A certain "Black and Gold" someone. We're so sorry. This moment together, however fleeting, will be remembered and cherished forever. No matter how long we live or how far away we may be, we will always remember what you've done. We may stumble upon you on TV and turn our heads as if we don't even see you. Or we may quick-thumb the remote to the AFC game (because, although it hurts you, we've always preferred the AFC). We may (and probably will) cheer against you sometime in the future when you are striving to reach your goals. Again, we're sorry, but we need to be honest with each other.

What you've given us in this short time is indescribable. But it was also unexpected. What we had was like a storm racing through. It was powerful and raging. It rocked everything we've ever known to the very foundation. But the sun comes up in the morning and you know you have to move on. We hope you understand.

Please know that we will never forget what you've done for us or what we had for that one short, amazing weekend. We were completely lost in the moment... A moment that is burned into our fiber forever...


The Entire F*&king WORLD !!! "


Hey Brady.... Tuck Rules!!! HA!

Special thanks to John for the great new pics!

Ahhh..... I guess I can skip the Red Hot and Insanity Sauce! What a game! I've never been so fired up for a Super Bowl that the Steelers were not involved in. Wow! Congrats to the Giants and the Haters -- you deserve it!

Did you ever have one of those unbelievable stretches of shooting pool where you could just not miss a shot? It's like everything you do works. You are unstoppable... Then you have that one game where you fall apart. You can't hit anything. And then you start thinking about your shot. You think about your angle and how you're holding the stick, and how you're standing. And you miss EVERYTHING. Well, that's what happened to Brittney Brady! He was in the middle of a great 18-0 stretch. But he fell apart. He missed his receivers. He began to think about how he's holding the ball. Where his fingers are on the laces. He began to over-think his throwing motion and his timing on the ball with the receivers. Rather than just throw the ball by feel, he started aiming it and thinking about each throw. It was a thing of beauty!!!

Random thoughts: How can anyone imply that they might be the best team EVER b/c they "won" three Super Bowls and are trying for four when all three of their first championships were earned by CHEATING?!?!? Do the math... That equals ZERO Super Bowls!
Chew on that, Brady (whenever you make room...)!

Thanks to all the Haters for keeping it real. I made it through the week without throwing the TV through the window... gets a nod from the Boston Herald (01/24/2008). They think the Giants are going to lay down on Super Bowl Sunday... I think not. Click below to view:

I effin' HATE Tom Brady !!!

The TRUTH: Tom Brady, Bill Belidick are walking, talking ass-terisks. It is undeniable and indisputable. Goodell, the NFL, and the zebras can give them 16-0, but they cannot remove the tarnish, the stain that is "Patsies Cam" or prevent it from following them into history. There is no legacy. There is no dynasty. There is only humiliation and controversy.

I HATE Tom Brady! Followed by global warming, Hillary Cliton, (oh, wait... hold on... Hillary just moved in front of global warming...!), Coors Light, and the fact that they STILL can't sell us Potato Chips in resealable bags (and no, Pringles don't count. A good snack, yes, but not really a chip...) And regarding Coors Light. C'mon man, give me a break. This is the biggest marketing success in the history of the U.S.A. They've actually managed to herd MILLIONS of sheep together and brain-wash them to think about a commercial when they drink a beer rather than TASTE it.
When I count to three, you will wake up.
1 -- 2 -- 3.... Ok, now take a sip and actually try to TASTE it...
Aww, man you spit it back all over yourself! Tastes like airy, foamy, dishwater, now doesn't it? (Not that I'd know, but I imagine it's close!) Aughh! OK, go get cleaned up -- I've got a nice Yuengling Black and Tan for you when you get back. Or if you HAVE to have light beer, there are a few Amstel Lights, Miller Lights, Labatt Blue Lights, and Mic-Lights in the fridge. Grab one of those, at least it's beer. I don't know WHAT THE HELL Coors Light is, but it is definitely not beer. Drinking just HALF of a Coors Light makes me think about that snotty girl in Willie Wonka who blows up like a blueberry -- I think she actually drank some experimental blueberry - flavored Coors Light... The sad thing is, regular Coors is actually pretty good. I can guarantee that there is NO similarity whatsoever between the two beers.

Belichick, Brady, and the Pats SUCK!

Sometimes I get the impression that Brady has a link to this site and he just uses it to light a fire under himself for the games. I sure as hell hope that's not the case. (If it is, though, use more gasoline next time, Tommy!) Is it possible that he just wants to make my life miserable by throwing TD after TD???

Hey Belidick, I got a letter from some orphan kids in China who want to donate their sleeves. They feel sorry for you and think you can't afford a decent sweatshirt. Thanks kids, but he can -- he just chooses not to because he's a prick !!! I love how the league lets him get away with showing up dressed like a bum to the games. That's the professionalism that you want representing your product, Goodell? C'mon man, grow some and start fining the cheating s.o.b.!

Check out the Holiday Poem of Hate by Jeannie in the Comments below... Send more, Jeannie -- gotta' love good literature! (And also some fresh ranting against the Haters from the certifiable Scott and Joe...) Updated 01/03/2008

I.H.T.B. founder has recently gone on sabbatical and sold all of his worldly possessions except for his question-mark laden keyboard and domain name in order to spend every waking moment spreading the Hate. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. The pay is not that great, but it's incredibly rewarding...

Is there a cheat code in Madden 08 that allows you to put a skirt on Tom Brady? A friend showed me and now he can't remember how to do it. It is hilarious! If anyone finds out PLEASE email me and let me know -- I will post it here, on the website.

From Yahoo Sports:
Pats need to build a dome -- quickly Last year, the New England Patriots laid down carpet in Gillette Stadium during the season to replace some terrible natural turf. This time around, they might want to quickly throw a dome over the place. With an offense that's built to score points through the air, the Pats looked like anything but the "greatest . . . team . . . ever" in beating the Jets by only 10 points. Especially because 14 of the Pats' 20 points came from the defense (which returned a pick for a short touchdown) and special teams (which set up a short touchdown with a blocked punt). If New England's pass-early, pass-often, pass-always offense is going to sputter in the elements, then it would be wise for the Pats to avoid playing in the elements -- particularly because the archrival Colts are playing a lot more like a team that's built to win without a roof over their heads.
Mike Florio writes and edits and is a regular contributor to Sporting News.

"Attention-Tommy" made his best impression of Nancy Sinatra, humming "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" all day -- Nice job, Shady! Did one of your 95 pound waif supermodels beat you up? You do realize, don't you, that if you keep knocking up these supermodels, all of your kids are going to grow up to be Todd Marinovich -- throwing the football and doing crack(I should clarify... the "supermodel-kind", not the "Tom Brady-kind"...)

The Patsie's were RIPE for the picking! All I can say is, "Go Giants!" They were peaking and did a great job of bringing down the Pats! Nice work, Eli / Plax and ALL!

I have decided to create an award that has never existed before. It is an honor that is more difficult to attain than the Hall of Fame or a Super Bowl ring. (Drum roll, please.) The award is named, "Honorary Steeler". It is incredibly exclusive and consists of only the most elite, hard-nosed, blue-collar football players. As of today, there is only one player that has ever reached this plateau. And this award is being presented to him today. His name is Brett Favre. I am proud and honored to present to Number 4 the title of "Honorary Steeler". He represents and exemplifies what Steelers football is all about, yet has never donned the Black and Gold. He is my 2nd favorite all-time player next to Jack "Splat" Lambert. I am humbled to add him as the first member of the Honorary Steeler team. Congratulations, Brett. More will follow, but the 1st member of this team was a No-Brainer! Get your Black and Gold Jersey and terrible towel.
Each time a player is named "Honorary Steeler", I will be ordering an authentic Steelers jersey with his name and number. Look for me at Heinz Field next year wearing my Favre #4 Black and Gold! (I won't be hard to find -- I'll be the guy drinking an Iron City...)
I know what you're all thinking... What about Tom Brady? How can you leave him out? And you are correct. So I've also created a second very exclusive award that will consist of one player and one player, only. It will never be added to, and will remain forever having only one member. The name of the award is "Honorary Cleveland Brown".... So congratulations, Tom on being the first and LAST member of Honorary Cleveland Brownies! You're such a freakin' girl. Go sell some cookies, bitch!

To the smart-ass Patsies fan who sent me a Tom Brady-autographed Patsies cap: I traded it for a 1984 Richard Simmons workout video in Beta-Max format. I wrapped the video and gave it to Aunt Edna for Christmas. (She LOVES Pringles...) Wonder when she'll figure out she can't play it in her VHS... Maybe Belidick will give her some pointers on the finer points of watching video...

Is "Kraft" an Irish name...? How lucky were they? How many close games did they sneak out of? It was getting so old watching pinhead QBs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like Manning did week 17! I promise and swear that if the Patsies would have won the Super Bowl I would have moved to France just like Alec Baldwin did after Bush was elected. (I say LIKE Alec did -- you never really did move, now, did you Alec???) Smooth...

Ken Sloan - Founder, President, and CEO - ihatetombrady Inc.
with son, Evan at Steelers playoff game against the Hated Ravens

Thanks to all the Haters who have emailed their thoughts on why and in how many ways Brady sucks. Listen, you've got to let the Hate out... express yourself! It's not healthy to keep it all bottled up inside. Pop the cap and ENJOY! As always I'll try to post as many as possible. The emails are truly a tribute to the human spirit. Heartwarming.

Keep Hating!
Sincerely, Ken Sloan - Founder - "ihatetombrady Nation"

Super Bowl Eve Jam


He's a mean one... Mr. Grinch -> Remember what it was like on Christmas Eve when you were a little kid? The excitement and anticipation of what awaited the next day would grip you and not let up. Those nights it was nearly (if not completely) impossible to fall asleep. You could close your eyes, but you couldn't close-off the adrenaline pipeline that ran through your veins. OK, so you DO remember... Well that's how I feel EVERY night. I'm not getting enough sleep. Why? Because I just CAN'T WAIT to wake up tomorrow and resume hating Tom Brady all over again... It's Christmas every day. Hey Madden, pass the turkey!

*** MY TO-DO LIST ***
1.) Get Steely McBeam on the 2008 Presidential Ballot
2.) Campaign my ass off for him
3.) Go to the polls and vote for the big guy
4.) Wait for the results
5.) Celebrate his victory
6.) Cross my fingers and pray for an assassination...

Insightful Comments and observations from the ihatetombrady Nation (Such beautiful Hatred!)...

I HATE TOM BRADY!!!!! The guy is a TOTAL asshole and douchebag!!!!!! He is pompous and needs to be grateful for what he has. I think someone needs to break his legs and see how he responds to that!

Craig Westbrook

Back in 2007, I was rushed to go to a one evening job that ended up costing me $5000, or more specifically, Tom Brady cost me $5000 at the end.
I live in Las Vegas and was hell bent on taking the patriots for the 2006 AFC championship first half moneyline. The only problem was, that I got a call to take a job that evening and would miss having a chance to bet the 2nd half. So I decided to just take the Patriuots for the entire game since I could not make an adjustment bet at halftime. This turned out to be a huge mistake. The money line for the full game was +160. So $5000 would win $8000 on top of the 5k investment.
At some point in the first half the Patriots lead 21-3, and then finished the half at 21-6. The second half was an altogether different team. This team had no answer for every pass that Manning threw. It looked like they were gassed halfway through the 3rd quarter and the entire 4th quarter. I still sort of wonder what made them so tired that particular day. Yet in the end the game was really decided on Tom Bradys decision to try and convert a fi8rst down while throwing inside in the direction of the Colts best defender at the time Bob Sanders. Had he thrown to the sidelines he probably picks up the first down vs any of the defenders, but they went for a play that went right at Bob. They didnt pick up the first down which would have killed the clock and given me $8000 ($13000 coming back to me).
On top of all the reasons to hate the Patriots for this game was the fact that they won the next 18 games in a row that I refused to bet on because of what the Patriots did in the AFC championship. In fact I gave the ticket to my buddy to hold for me to remind me that I should never bet on this team again for the rest of my life. I did make one bet years later (when I had the chance to middle the game for profit instead) and of course the Patriots managed to lose that game as well and I have not bet on them since.
Fuck the Patriots! This year I have all kinds of bets against the Patriots including +175 on the NFC Giants among others, but the loss that day made me drastically reduce my wagers because I cant rely on football players to control a huge lead or get a short first down with the best offense in football. I hope the Giants win by 8 pts or more despite not caring a damn about that team either.
David R.

I just found your link on another website. Here is why I hate Brady.
I am from Massachusetts and lived there most of my life. Although I am not a football fan, I would like the opportunity to route for the home team. Of course I can't because of Brady.
When they won those 3 superbowls so close together. It was almost intolerable. His face was everywhere we went. He was constantly on tv. It was disgusting. I went to the grocery store after one of those superbowls, there was a life size cut-out of him. I knocked it over with my cart.
Anyway, the reason why I hate him is because he continues to wear a Yankees hat. I could care less if he likes the Yankees, but athletes in the same city should support each other. ESPECIALLY in Boston!!! The Red Sox had a celebration of the Patriots one year and Tom Brady showed up! DUMB ASS!!
I am a HUGE Red Sox fan and I will never forgive his lack of tact by wearing a Yankees hat. It was arrogant and classless. I happily join your Hate Brady group!!
Laura - Las Vegas, NV

Check out my site!
Go Giants, Go!!!!
Adam Pasha

Yes I call him pretty boy I loved your blog
MelissaClrmentine Sarrs

My man, I've hated Tom Brady ever since he got hot and started acting like a smug bastard. And one of my friends is a HUGE Tom Brady fan. Every year we talk to each other and I have to call him a dick rider every week My friend is not even from NE! He says he followed him in college. There is nothing special about the dude. If you want someone to take credit, then let it be Beli-cheat....I mean Bellichek. That dude puts some systems together with a bunch of no name folks and a video tape of other teams in practice. PLUS he has a fat a$$ O-line to protect his a$$. Put Brady in a different system and he might get Trent Dilfer status. Ya know, win 1 superbowl simply by not messin' up, but not because you are good. Why is Dilfer a sports analyst anyways? Anyways, Keep up the good work on the site. Funny picks man! I need to send you some of my own I HATE BRADY pics!



Yep ... They are Pansies! YEAH BABY! The Pansies were put in there place ... Brady looked like a deer caught in the headlights ... bought time he got hit and learned the real meaning of football ... comparisons to the Steel Curtain and Bradshaw ... I think not ... he better think about flag football ... LOL!

our boy Brady did play pretty well considering he spent half the night on his backside! LOL ! I so enjoyed seeing him get knocked around!

A Quiet Day in New England
I live in New England and just despise the Patsy'rots. So, my original plan was to just blow off the Super Bowl and go to the movies. However my neighbor invited me to his Super Bowl party and I decided to attend it even though Patriots fans would surround me. I thought I'd just drink some beer, have some good food, and leave just after the half. I did want to see Tom Petty. What would unfold that evening still has me smiling from ear-to-ear. Not like the euphoria that I would experience for months after the Steelers won it all in 2005, but I have an extra bounce in my step as the rest of NE wallows in the mire of defeat.
I knew the Monday after the Super Bowl would be great as I actually couldn't wait to listen to the local sports radio show for months. I just wish I had more time on my morning commute because the normally clogged roads were empty. Oh the sad Patriots just couldn't take it and were calling in sick by the dozens. At work, I thought I was at a morgue for most of the day and I almost didn't send out my planned trash talking emails to friends and coworkers, but I couldn't resist. The reaction was priceless. How soon do they forget how they treated me in the Steelers' 2001 and 2004 seasons.
18-1 is a lot of wins for absolutely nothing to show for it. Welcome to the draft table Patriots. Just like the Steelers, we're just watching the Giants celebrate their championship. Congrats Giants for making the Patriots the most disappointing team in NFL history.
Click Here to Visit my Steelers Blog site

Yea, Tom Brady is on my shit list...too. During the game Eli was getting close to letting the play clock run down. The one time I remember he did let it go down and it cost the gaints, the camera fanned over to Brady on the sideline and he was talking to someone and you could tell exactly what he said "he is from Ole Miss What do you expect" That hit me on what a real ass he is. That was stupid....loser

Oh Brady, you little pretty boy queer! You really choked on it last night didn't you? The golden boy and the "unstoppable team" were fucking trounced by the NY Giants. No luck involved, no bad calls, you got straight up outplayed. God, I can't remember a football game that has made me feel that good in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to see the Steelers there, but that didn't pan out. The look on the Gaytriots faces when they knew they were beaten... priceless! Did you happen to see Brady and his worthless coach bee line for the locker room before the game was even over?... Losers!! Yeah, the Pats are good, but not Super Bowl champs! So that being said, to all of you people who ran your mouth all season, to all you sports announcers who sucked Brady off all season, eat shit... eat a HUGE pile of stinky shit!
(18-1... ain't that a bitch?)
Craig from DC

Hey Ken is it just me or was Tom about to cry in his post game interview? Little smart ass wasn't to cocky this time. It might have been the first time this season I didn't want to knock his teeth out! oh wait he didn't paint on his gay smile for this interview I wonder why???? Well it would have been better to watch our STEELERS give him the ass whooping but I will take the Giants giving it to him! OH those highlight reels are great. I hope some one sends him a copy.
Chris - Johnstown PA

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(This is almost as good as Super Bowl XL!!!)
Now, the thoughts that are in my head, besides the fact the Emmit Smith is a fucking idiot!!
Well Tom Brady, you laughed at the fact that Plaxico said that you were only going to score 17 points. Not so funny now asshole. Seau is still a loser. Welker had his typical game,3 yard pass, run for 10. Brewski, you were nowhere to be found all game, Harrison, you barely ran your fucking asshole mouth. Bellichek, your still a dick and justice is going to be getting into your ass real soon.
For the record, did anybody happen to catch the poll that ESPN was doing about who was the greatest dynasty team of all time in the NFL? Well, you guessed it, it was THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO, you call Steeler Nation haters? Guess what? Steeler nation just spoke, and they spoke loud!!!
SO FUCK YOU PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

A hearty congratulations goes to New York and its fans. A great big SCREW YOU goes to New England and its retarded fans. Sorry - reTAHded. Seeing Belidicks smug face in the losing locker room was absolutely priceless! I can't WAIT to hear what Brady's lover, Christina Collinsworth, has to say about this emotional dagger being driven through his sensitive wittle heart.
More things to smile about:
1. Junior Seau - nah, still no ring.
2. Randy Moss - nah, no ring for you either (guess the act was pointless?)
3. Teddi Bruschi - Tears instead of hearts, will dot the 'i' at the end of 'Teddi'.
3. Wes Welker - took a lot of shots, but guess what? Oh.... No ring. Nevermind.
4. Tom Brady - Not even Chris Collinsworth's or Tony Kornheiser's conciliatory blowjobs will make him feel happy.
5. Bill Belidick - Cheaters never win. And now, Mr. Warner would like a word with you.......
Who needs Christmas or birthday presents? Nothing tops this!

Oh and by the way, aren't we both so glad that smug, deadbeat dad Brady lost and has a whole off season to hear about it?

Okay, so this is the only time I will probably cheer for a New York team. Oh my God! I cannot believe the last 2 minutes of that game, how does Tom Brady like THAT 2 minute drill. Eli Manning, the new clutch player in football, doin' work the last couple of months of the season. He was goin down, but got out of it and hit his man and what a catch it was! My friends and I have a midwest region Anti-Brady and Anti-Belichick (sp) fan club. This was so great. Seeing the Patriots heart ripped right out of their chests, completely deflated, Brady getting sacked the second to last play, seeing no hope in his eyes. Call me vindictive, cold-hearted and calloused, I call it being happy. I might even buy a Giants Super Bowl hat. The Patricheats cannot pull this one off, Moss will probably go out and hang with Pacman Jones or the Bengals team and get arrested since he will be depressed about the loss. How much money did Kraft give the Raiders under the table!? You get Moss for a draft pick? And you still cannot win the big game? Mercury Morris and the rest of the Dolphins can pop the champagne, I used to hate it when they did that, but you know what, it is well deserved. This is great, cheating catches up to you eventually, just as Tom Brady is fathering bastard children, then dumping the women, great role model for you, kids. I know it must be tough for the Steelers to lose Burress, but without him being on the Giants, this victory would not have occurred. So get em next year Steelers, I'll pull for you guys out of the AFC any time. Two brothers winning Super Bowls on consecutive years, that has to be a first, some good genes in that Manning family tree. I will live it up tonight, I might just even eat Heinz catchup plain out of the bottle to celebrate, I don't care how gross that sounds, it's better than Kraft cheese, that stuff isn't even real anyway. If only I had some Iron City Beer to drink as Belicheat is now being interviewed, I might cry, but out of happiness, hahaha. If only I was visiting the Big Apple right now. Take care man, thanks for the site, the support group.
Brian in Charleston, IL

Tom Brady is going to go home and call his mommy and tell on all those big bad Giants who sacked him tonight. He wants her to go over to there house and make them apolagize and give back the Super Bowl trophy that they took from him. Well that is what happens to cheaters. Next time play fair!!!!!!!!!!
Vickie - Johnstown, PA

Hey man,
Back on your website to get another dose of Brady hate and I noticed the mentioning of your site's hits going through the roof because of a radio show. Two weeks ago on the Colin Cowherd show (ESPN radio) I specifically heard the host mention 'all these blogs out there hating on Tom Brady." That's when I went to google and typed in "I hate Tom Brady," and found your site. It wasn't a direct mentioning but that might have caused a rise in your hit count. The Colin Cowherd Show is a nat'l braodcast from 10-1pm eastern.

Hey man,
I heard about your site on XL950, The Drive w/ Greg and Brad in Indianapolis. They said I should check it out. I'm a Browns fan myself but I totally don't get the lovey dovey bull-crap for Tom Brady. I'm so sick of it!!!
Keep up the great work!
Bart M. - Greenwood, IN

Number 1: Tom Brady is a fuck. I hope he gets hit by a truck.
Number 2: I posted your paragraph about The TRUTH on my forum. I hope thats ok. I gave you credit of course.
Number 3: WHERE CAN I GET a F&%* TOM BRADY MUG?? Better yet....where can i get 10 of them? Born and raised downtown Indianapolis....i have more than a few brady haters that would love one!
For the love of all that is holy......go giants!

I hate that cock sucker too. Enjoy the attachment.
Mike - (Pic below)
(Brokeback Mountain 2 starring gay pride poster boy - Tom Brady. Brady tells the press how this movie made him discover his true love - men.)

Hello, I am a life-long Packers fan, and I love your website! It certainly tells the TRUTH about the "Cheaters" and that arrogant Tom Brady! I am a mother and grandmother, and my 16-year-old son is a Packer and STEELER fan, so I think you are doing the right thing about exposing the "ceatriots" and their arrogant coach and fans. How the media hypes them up is beyond me! My question is how can the media award a " cheater" coach, Coach of the Year"?, it is beyond pathetic! Thanks for the good website, telling the truth about this "awful" team!
Kathy from ??? (*** Editor's note: That's like O.J. getting "Husband of the Year", isn't it?)

You're my hero! Love the website. Can't stand that guy (hate to even say his name!) and hope the Spats lose!
Bonnie from ???
Life is not measured in the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away.

So ya taking up for the Giants? Somebody needs to put a whipping on that Pansy Brady. I can't believe the Steel dedn't get that 2 pts. to have the overtime and missed too many conversions or they would have been there. Also, the jags could taste the victory but not convert ... so it looks like we have to hope for the Giants ... hate to do it but don't want to hear about the Pansies until next season!!!
Blaine from Austin, TX

Never thought I'd see the day when a Steeler fan, and a dallas fan could agree on something. I was actually going to register I see I don't have to do that now good job.
Jesse from ???

Tom Brady and comp. suck sweaty goat Many laughs here, great site and long live the STEELERS.
P/K from ???

I knew there had to be others! LOL I thought is it just me or are there any others who despise Tom Brady??? I can't stand him or the Patsie Pussies! Arrogant,cheating, cocky ass wipes one and all!!! OK, and this is from a Ann Arbor man who is a Michigan fan folks...what does that tell you?
I hope the Giants frickin just win Super Sunday!
A fellow Brady patriot hater
Wolverine from Ann Arbor

First let me start off by saying that I am so grateful for your is very refreshing with all of those "Brady Idolizers" out there. Now for the good stuff. I hate Tom Brady because he is a little B*tch. I hate the way he cries and throws little hissy fits when his team is up by 317 points and a wide receiver doesn't run his route correctly and the pass falls incomplete. I hate Tom Brady because everyone makes him out to be the "end all, be all" QB in the NFL. My dog could be a good QB if he were playing with a team like that. I hate Tom Brady because he is the most arrogant ass munch on the face of the earth. He always has this look on his face that says "Kiss my Ass. I'm rich, I have a hot girlfriend, and you know you wish you were me." Finally, I hate Tom Brady because he is the kind of person who believes that being a good father begins and ends with the checks he writes. Thanks for letting me share my two cents!
Lynn M.

Rock 102 FM out of Springfield, Mass mentioned this website. They are big Patriot fans. I have been one also my whole life but my boyfriend is a die hard Steelers Fan. I am seriously thinking about joining his team because of all the antics that the Patriots have been engaged in. The two biggest reasons being that Tom Brady wears a Yankees base ball cap all over town. Knowing that his fan base is primarily Red Sox fans, this is a slap in the face. The second reason is, his failure to support his baby. He doesn't even see him. He dropped the mom and the baby and chose his horse faced girlfriend over them. This hurts my heart.
I just may be filling out that form you have to become a Steelers fan after all.
Sheila P.S. My boyfriend LOVES your site and wants one of those F. Brady mugs. I just might buy him one.

Hey Ken,
I came across your website searching for some anti-brady shit to print up and leave around my workplace for the super bowl. Im a die hard mich. wolverines fan and i can't begin to tell you how much i HATE Cindy Brady. Hes an arrogant, cocky bastard, and NOTHING makes me more happy than to see him laying on his ass with a 300 man on top of him, well i think that nothing would make him more happier than to have ANY kind of man on top of him. It doesn't help that we have a JV team in the Lions to root for every sunday so people here always have to find a secondary team to root for - and for most its the fucking cheating Patriots, but im a steelers guy. Anyway, keep up the great work man!


Hey Ken,
Could it be?!?!?!?!?

Tom Brady Photographed in Walking Cast Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Nov. 25: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is seen during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.
NEW YORK: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was photographed Monday with what appears to be walking cast on his right foot. The Boston Herald and Boston Globe had the photos credited to on their Web sites. A video of Brady walking with a slight limp from an SUV to girlfriend Gisele Bundchen's apartment in New York is available on The Patriots beat San Diego 21-12 on Sunday and play the New York Giants in the Super Bowl in two weeks. "Ah, you know, there's always bumps and bruises. I'll be ready for the Super Bowl," Brady said Monday during his weekly radio appearance. When asked if his leg was injured. "I'm not worried about that. I'm not missing this one. I'd have to be on a stretcher to miss this one. There will be treatment this week. In games like this, you get a little nicked up. It's nothing serious." Patriots spokesman Stacey James wrote in an e-mail to the AP late Monday night that the team had no comment on the photos. Brady threw three interceptions against the Chargers in one of the worst performances of what has been a record-breaking season for him. Brady has started in 124 consecutive games, the third longest streak by a quarterback in NFL history.

Do you think his girlfriend beat him up?!?!?!?! Hee, hee!

I ran across your site recently. Seeing someone else who shares my hatred of Tom Brady just brightened my day. Nice to see someone who sees Tom Brady for what he is. I've had many discussions with friends of mine who praise him for being such a great quarterback and I haven't yet been able to find the right words to help them realize that deep down they hate Tom Brady too. Maybe someday I'll get through to them, any help would be greatly appreciated. Heh, alright well until game day. Let's just hope Eli pulls through.
Dave from ???

I am convinced that Phil Simms and Jim Nantz's lips are permanantly attached to the groins of Beli-cheat and Brady. I am so sick of the media kissing thier asses! If any other team had been caught cheating, they would still be talking about it, but because it's the beloved Patriots, they sweep it under the rug! Go Giants!
Brian - - - Chuchill

Tom Brady must have the biggest dick in the world because everybody and their momma is on his nuts. Maybe if he could throw the ball 40 - 50 yards down the field with accuracy I might respect him. All he does is throw little 5 yard dumps to his running backs or receivers and they take it 20 - 30 yards. Against the Jags he was 26 of 28. Who give a F&%K? he never threw it over 10 yards. F&%K Brady and the cheating ass Pats. They should have never went to the Superbowl in 2001. The Refs F&%KED the Raiders. Brady's Bit&h a$$ fumbled the ball.All because of September 11th. Don't get me wrong I'm very Patriotic but for the U.S. not the F&%KING Pats.
James from ???

Tom Brady is a piece of trash if it wasn't for that one injury by Drew Bledsoe a few years back The shitty as new england patriots would never had a chance against the Steelers all those years
Justin from ???

Thanks so much for the outlet! I hate Tom Brady so much I am having a hard time controlling myself watching the Playoffs. I keep hoping one of the defensive players from San Diego will break through the line, tackle Tom Brady and rip his head off! I hate just looking at him. He exemplifies everything that I hate about New England, New York, Boston or anyplace close. Tom Brady is a Dick!
Thanks for the opportunity to vent,
Back to the game and I will keep hoping Tom Brady will get hurt real bad!
Ken from Kennesaw, GA

(*** From the ED -- I feel your pain, my friend!)

Tom Brady is a piece of trash if it wasn't for that one injury by Drew Bledsoe a few years back The shitty ass new england patriots would never had a chance against the Steelers all those years STEELERS SUPER BOWL XLIII
Justin from ???

*** Editor's note: I friggin' DIG how Justin won't even think about throwin' caps at new england, but lets the SHIFT key FLY when it comes to the Steelers! You rock, Dude!

And touch down record my pasty white ass! I saw every single snap the year Manning threw 48 touchdowns, and he was sitting on the bench for much of the fourth quarter in quite a few of those games. He could have thrown 60 that year if he wanted to be a #%$&! like Brady and THE GRINCH.
The Colts were never accused of running up the score one single time that year.
HM from ???

Thanks for letting us vent.
Tom Brady makes me want to give him a bar of soap and a rag. He always looks greasy to me. Ewwwww he makes me feel like I need to take a bath after looking @ him. Women that find him attractive have their own issues. It's a disgrace to women who appreciate a REAL man.
Yeah, we had little Ms Dainty Stallworth on our team in NO for awhile. Little Ms Priss Pants was always hurt, never did nothing. Now all of the sudden he's this GREAT WR, ughhhhhh, I'd like to bitch slap him. And isn't Randy Moss a thug? No wait, he's a great WR too, silly me. Hell, to hear the press, they're top choice. Nobody wants to see their ass in the SB.
I hope Brett (a real man) and the Pack put those snotty nosed New Englander's in the ditch come SB 42.

Thanks for your time,
CG - Mississippi

So I don't hate on the guy as much as you, but starting this season I've just become sick of hearing about that arrogant smugazzzz prick. I frequently listen to ESPN radio, and now it is a bother because all they want to yap about is Tom Braaaady. It's probably a bit low, but I'd have a feature on your website attacking Brady for dumping his pregnant actress girlfriend. (***Editor's Note: Thanks, AT... I think I do now!)
AT from ???

I have to tell you something man, I cannot tell you how fucking bad I hate Tom Brady. And its not just this year, its been a hatred since he first started to play back in '01. I cant stop flipping out about him, I cant stop bitching about how non-talented he is. Just a few things to get off of my chest before I go crazy:
1. NFL States "He is one of the best, if not, the best QB ever." Ok, give me a fucking break here. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out that you can get any hillbilly duche bag to throw 3 yard dink and dunks all ga damn game. You know who started that? Kurt "fucking" Warner started that. He was selling ga damn groceries a year before he became the 3 yard king.
2. How stupid do you have to be to watch the offense of New England start 1st quarter with a spread offense and 3-4-5 yard you to death and say "WOW, that Tom Brady is incredible." It's called a two minute drill!!!! They run a ga damn two minute drill the entire game!!!!!!!!! Any team can do that. ANY!!!!! Why? I have no idea why. Give me a break!! You want to see QBs actually perform? Watch Hasselbeck, Peyton, or even Eli for that matter. And the worst part? Big Ben finished second in efficiency behind clef chinned, big ego, dickhead of the year Tom Brady.

I'm stopping now. I can go on and on. You have to tell me if and when you get merchandise in. YOU HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks bro, I feel better now!
Joshua from ???

Hamcarver here from Wellington, Ohio. Huge Steeler Fan, and hater of The media queen Tommy Brady! Thought Gumbel and Collinsworth were gona blow him after their last win!

Excellent website - LMSO at work reading all about it! I wish everybody would just shut the F up about the Patsies - I'm sick of it! And I think the A-holes win partly because Mr. Kraft keeps bundles of 50 G's around to slip into the refs' pockets on questionable calls.
Too bad you're a Steelers fan: Go Ravens (my adopted home team; not that my real home team, the Lions, is much better)
Terri from Baltimore (And Detroit!)

Hey Brady Hater! I have to tell you that I still go to your site daily....mostly to look at BabyBrady in a sportsbra. I die laughing everytime!!! So thanks for the laughs and keep them coming. :)
Here's to a great Patriot Bashin' playoff season,

Normally I hate whoever beats us but maybe Jacksonville can actually knock off pretty boy and the Hate-riots. Their defense reminds me of Baltimore without the anemic offense.
At the end of the day I'd rather be a Steelers fan and lose then cheer for any other team and win! Next year without the injuries.....we'll come back strong.
Now we can firmly say....anyone but the Hate-riots!!!!!
Allison from Chicago

I have a huge dislike for Tom Brady as my blog listed below will show....
This week on the blog that continues to grow despite my whining:
Why you should not make a sex tape
Meeting in the ER
My picks for this weekends playoff games
Get my latest posting at
Keith(fox4nx) from ???

Hey, my friend and I found your site and it is too funny. Here is something we made after the Giants game because they're oh so (not) humble at this point. Can Rodney Harrison also be more of a prick. Doubt it.
Watch The Shady - Bilidick Hula!
mbaily from ???

I'm tom brady
I look like a lady
I play real shady
I'm a butt pirate and I say
I play for Bellichick
some think he's a prick
cause he's a bloodthirsty tick
with no class, he makes me sick!

by Jeannie from ???
(Sorry folks that's NOT a pic of tom brady with the village people! Tom's gun is much much smaller! lol)

Love the website. And go anybody but patriots, I hope tom brady breaks his friggin leg.
Brad from ???

You are my new favorite hero. I LOATHE EVERYTHING ABOUT BRADY AND THAT TEAM!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for promoting what is at the heart of every red-white-and blue blooded NFL fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything posted on this site is what my husband and I have been saying for years. I want to know who Kraft is blowing to get the refs to CHEAT for belicheater and his totally gay team?!?!?!?!?!? The pic of brady with the sports bra is the funniest thing I have seen all year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it all coming. I am forwarding this site to all my friends all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey i'm luke from bedford,pa and i'm a huge jets fan.....this queer ass has been plagueing us for years, i'm also a slight steelers fan, i wish harrison(steelers) or vilma (jets) would take his fucking legs out. anyway, just wanted to say i love the website. keep up the good work.
sincerely, luke
(i fucking hate tom brady with a passion)

If I had one wish it would be that tom Brady could get sacked right on the new England side line. He gets sacked so hard that it sends him flying in the air spinning like a helicopter, and in mid flight his cleat catches bill (blow job) belichik right in the eye and cause Brady's leg to immediately snap and belichick's eye to pop out of socket........ of course I wish this could have happened before tonight when he broke Peyton's record! But I would still settle for it to happen next game! Tom Brady is not 1/4 of the quarterback elway, Montana, or Peyton manning are. Hell if I had sure handed randy moss catching my 7-10 yard blooper passes in the in zone and running the score up on teams like Miami I could beat Peyton's single season record too! I could go on all night but bottom line is I hate tom Brady and the new England patriots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I do like the steelers however I love the colts
Robert from Cartersville, GA

Just a little therapy for me and a bash about Tom "pussy" Brady. He is a little girl, no I take that back, a little girl could take this little cry baby. I was thrilled to find your site. True colors and lack of talent will shine through when we hit play-off time. But better than that would be if the (on a streak) Dolphins kick the prima donna patriots ass. But I'm not worried true satisfaction and joy will come in feb when TONY ROMO AND THE DALLAS COWBOYS put that pussy to shame before God and everyone.
Self proclaimed Tom Brady hater

I actually met Brady. He came into my Best Buy. I went up and asked for his autograph and he said he couldn't sign because he was in a rush, I told him to sign quick then. He then turned down a 10 year old for a photo. I only wanted to signature for my friend who is a Pats fan, as I am a Dolphins fan.
You need to post pictures of him getting sacked and hit on the field!

*** Editor's Note: Great suggestion, Jay. I've added some great pics of Brady getting smeared over on the right. Take a look, and enjoy! Ken

BTW: You have a friend who is a Patsies fan ?!?!? That is not in the Matrix. You must to convert him/her to ANYTHING (but not a Browns fan, of course) or end the friendship. That does not fly...
Let me know how that goes.

OK, I was thinking of making an I hate Tom Brady website.....there is no way to accurately measure the depth of my hatred of Tom Brady, the Patriots, or any of the losers on that team. Also, I am a huge steeler can check out my site at -- I also have a t-shirt on can see all my I hate tom brady stuff at ....
Glad to see I am not alone in thinking that it is a bit crazy to build churches in boston around the Tom Brady second coming!
Thanks for the site!

I too, hate Tom Brady. I keep it all inside and your website makes me feel like I can let it out. I feel so much better. I cannot stand his arrogant, vacant stare. He really does look gay. Maybe he just doesn't know it. I hope he sees your website and realizes this and comes out of the closet. My friends and I put a dollar in a jar every time the Steelers play. Whenever Brady gets injured bad enough to miss a game we are going to empty the jar and throw a party! You should come... We've got a pretty full jar (actually a vase...), so it should be a great bash! Hopefully next week!
Cindy - Indiana, PA
P.S. Will you be my pimp? ;)
*** Editor's Note: I'm thinking on it...

I am so happy. I feel at home here! I am a Colts fan, so I echo that I want to vomit when I can't watch a game between the Colts and anyone without having to hear about Tom Brady..gosh! You would think the guy invented the game rather than just cheat at it. And as much crap as they pull they are the whiniest, brattiest team I have ever seen. I am the calmest, quietest, most shy person you will ever meet, but when the Patriots play and Tom Brady's face shows up on the screen, the living room is as rough and tumble as any sports bar in America. In fact I nearly ran off one poor guy because he was wearing a Pats hat. Sorry, I guess I am not a great hostess, but they were playing the Colts, and I just knew there would be four letter words. I can't help it. I hate Tom Brady.
Laura - Harrisonburg, VA

I wish I could play against that little cocky bitch...
You know...the Pats are good. Cheating arrogant pricks but they do have some talent. However...I think I broke with reality when that little c*cksucker taunted our defense. I used to just cheer for the Pats to lose. Now I cheer for someone to hit Brady so hard he drinks out of a tube for the rest of his life. Any injury that comes his way...I'll be cheering for. Send that message to those homos in Boston.
Allison - Chicago

God, where do I start? Hmmmmm. How about with I LOATHE Tom Brady! I actually become angry every time I see his face. Every time I look at him I fantasize about punching his teeth down his throat, and I smile. I secretly pray for him to compound fracture his femur every time he plays! I think all these sportscasters make themselves look extremely gay blowing this guy constantly! Yeah, he's a good quarterback. Anyone capable of throwing a ball would be a good quarterback behind that offensive line. I am so glad I found this site! I will visit daily! May Tom Brady be strapped to a bed and hobbled like the guy in the movie Misery!!! To all the people writing in bashing this site, could you please, for the love of god, start using correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling. Christ, as I read through the comments, I saw someone refer to the 'Stealers'!!!! Come on man, do I have to even say anything?
~Craig from DC, but originally from Pittsburgh!~

Web sites like yours make my day. They help me know that I'm not alone in my hatred of Tom Brady. Actually, I don't just hate Tom Brady; I hate the entire Patriots franchise. But I mostly blame Tom Brady. I didn't hate them when they were QBed by Drew Bledsoe. That cheaterhead coach of theirs doesn't help either. Can you believe he finally ditched that oh-so-stylish ratty-ass hoodie for a puffy coat? Is it just me, or did he look like a roast beef tied up with string in that thing?? Where was I? Oh yes. Hating Tom Brady. That smug pretty-boy bastard. And speaking of bastards, how's yours, Tom? Also, Tedi Bruschi? Why do you spell your first name like that? Are you a 14-year-old girl??? How much do you want to bet he dots that "i" with a little heart?

Hoo boy. I'm glad to get that off my chest. Carry on!


P.S. Go Jets!

tom brady sucks
tom brady could get sacked by a new born BABY. i hate tom brady piece of crap he is.
Don - from ??? I'm f*n PISSED right now after watching the Ravens game and found a good pic of Tommy boy suck face for your page. Enjoy!
Denille - York, PA

(See pic below...)

I can't stand Brady or the Patriots, either! It's nice to know that there are others out there with the same amount of disgust for all things Brady/Patriots/obnoxious, that I have! I have attached a picture I picked up from, to brighten up your day - it sure brightened up mine!
John W.

Oh how the hatred seethes...
I can't believe Madden can be so forgetful and say that Brady is having the best year he's ever seen a QB have. Did he bother to look at the teams he's playing against?? Does he remember how many hall of famers were on the field when the Raiders and the Steelers of the 70s played?? Or the Raiders and the Dolphins?? There were AT LEAST 20 between both teams! How many hall of famers on the Pats?? I'd say about 1 or 2 (to say 2 is being kind). And there were ZERO on the Bills! And maybe 1 or 2 in the rest of the Pats PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR AN NFL DIVISION.
It's a complete joke. Alas, he's become a caricature of himself...
Again, I submit as exhibit A: Brady has no competition.

Rodney V.

I'm actually a die hard Niners fan since the late 70s but my other favorite team was the Steelers of the 70s. I don't care what anyone says, Terry Bradshaw was AWESOME! Way better than Brady. The Steelers couldn't have done it without him. The competition was WAY harder back then and in the 80s and 90s. Now there's only a couple of good teams, and expansion... lack of fundamentals (no one tackles anymore!) etc etc. Brady has it easy. Can you imagine him up against the Bears 46 defense or the Steel Curtain. He would have gone down without being hit everytime!
Brady is lucky. He's good but not great. Nowhere near the TRUE greats of the past.

The reason I hate Tom Brady the most is because he can get as many su@k-offs as he wants from his supermodel girlfriend but I know he prefers the 4 hour long knob jobs he gets from every single announcer on Sunday's - THUS PROVING THAT HE IS SURELY GAY!!!!!! FUCK TOM BRADY.
Jack Lambert, Washington, D.C.
...And yes, I was named after 'guess who?'...

Being a Colts fan i have to constantly hear the comparisons between Manning and that two faced f@^g%t brady. thank you for giving me a place to vent my anger about shady brady and his team of shit eaters. i hope the next ref he has gay sex with has herpes. FUCK TOM BRADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maverick, from ???

Yes! Someone else who hates Tom Brady as much as me. I'm so glad there are others out there who hate Tom Brady as much as I do. I hate Michigan so he sucks twice as much in my book. I'm also a die hard Steelers fan. Here's to a great Steelers season and a torn ACL for Brady. (a little cheating karma payback!)
Allison, Chicago

I Hate Tom Brady the cry baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vickie - Johnstown, Pa

VERY Un-Insightful Love Messages to Tom Brady from those too disillusioned or "metro" to understand the Hate...

Just wanted to let you now that I enjoyed the site very much and im a Pats fan! Very well done. I dont blame you and your followers for hating Brady, if i wasn't a Pats fan (or perhaps a Steelers fan like your site seems to cater to) id probably hate as well. You always hate great players from opposing teams. I cant stand both of the Manning brothers (for obvious reasons) so trust me, i get it. You have to admit though, at least the Pats dont have a rapist as their QB. Hate all you want but his wife wants him to fuck her willingly, but we cant really say the same for Big Bens' ladies now can we? ;) Take care and see you at the Bowl..!
- Chris O.

*** Editor's Note: The above is an excellent email from a Chowder Head. They're not ALL that bad.

Who makes a page like this? Maybe you should spend your fucking time doing something better in your life. I mean come the fuck on you worthless piece of shit. I hope to god you read this and feel like a complete fucking idiot like you are. You are the definition of a true fucking hater. Go ahead hate on Tom Brady. Hes the fucking man. Seems like you have a problem realizing that. You have to be at least 20 years old to know how to make some dumbass site like this. So you obviously need to grow the fuck up. The guy is playing a game. ITS A FUCKING GAME. The only reason you hate him is because he wins. Ya, he fucking wins. So, with that being said how about you go do something better with your life then try hatin on a guy thats doing good at what he fucking does. Go fuck yourself... Oh and btw. Tom Brady is going to be playing Feb. 5... o wait thats the fucking superbowl!!! ya go fuck yourself.. once again..
- Dakota Bostwick

You are all pathetic.
- Erik Strout

Hmmmm. Terry Bradshaw...big dumb doofus surrounded by better players who helped him win. Ben...big dumb ugly rapist surrounded by better players that helped him win. Like the incredibly manly "dancing" Hines and "head and shoulders overrated" Troy. Ugly fat white trash steelers fans like you, your crew and your old lady = classless, worthless, useless
- Carl Mahoney

Just to let you know your website is sad and pathetic. You steeler fans support a rapist and hate on Brady sounds like you have ur minds twisted. You call the patriots brainless??? Go look at yourselves. At least we can win! Unlike your steelers this year. I hope u enjoy the playoffs without your precious big Ben in it. I guess it was devine intervention when the broncos beat the steelers. Stop hatin and get lives.
Heather Lisien

To Squeamish McButtnuggly, and the rest of the Hater Tots, Well...well...well. I wanted to wait for the good know, to see what kind of clever, insightful hatred you clowns could come up with following that sham of a Super Bowl. Um, guess I'll have to wait a little while longer. You do all realize that were it not for a few zebras that tried to make up for some quality time with a video camera back in week 1, it would have been utter domination by the Patriots. Clearly, the fix was in. If the most excellent Tom Terrific (who clearly had thrown a rod and an ankle the previous week with his even more most excellent girlfriend) and crew would have won, Roger Goodell would've been squirming in front of Arlen Sphincter's desk Monday at 10am. Does that excuse for a senator represent Shittsburgh, by any chance? It's all good, you whiners. we know that since your own pathetic teams suck, you have to cry about how the Patriots just win and win and win. Hopefully Seau and Bruschi retire, and Harrison gets tossed. Hey, maybe the Squealers can sign him to replace Troy Pullonmyhair - that guy sucks! Next year you'll see 18 new guys on board, and they'll at least make it to the AFC Championship, so get ready for another Patri-kakke next year.
Scott (Still waiting for Allison in Heinz Field)
McCain/McBeam - Just wait for Nov 08!!

*** Editor's note: Hey, someone stole my sour grapes -- sounds like it must have been you!!! And what happened to Moss in 08? Did he back out of the election like he backed out of the Pro Bowl. I think he's been eating Brady's Baby Flakes for breakfast!

Get a life.. pathetic.. not even funny.. Obviously you didn't put much effort into this.. Since you're a Steelers fan, I can understand your hate and jealousy.. Hate on.. whatever makes you feel better.. Enjoy Brady's 4th Super Bowl win.. Oh, and nice effort against the Jags.. Not too much choking by your coach and your team down the stretch..
Chris from ??? (*** Editor's Note: I think this Chris dude is actually Tom Brady -- sounds a little Cranky, doesn't she??)

Holy shit.
Did you know that Brady plays for half the pay that Manning plays for so there will be room under the cap for others? You need to get over this sickness. Otherwise they may find you hung by the light fixture in your mental ward.

(***Editor's Note: Thanks for the unsolicited compliment...but I prefer to stand by the table -- closer to the special cookies...)

brady sucks... but so does reothlisberger. as much as i hate the pats, the steelers have no room to talk about anyone in regards to someone getting attention for nothing. big ben got pushed as the next big thing when he threw the ball like 8 times a game. get over it.
Matt from ??? (guessing Cincy, here...)
(*** Editor's Note: Ok, Matt. No QB has EVER started his career with a better record than Ben. That includes every legend in the Hall.
He is the youngest QB to win a Super Bowl, and although he did not have a good game against the Seattle Whiners, he carried that team through Indy and Denver.
And his name is not spelled REO (as in your fave band, REO Speedwagon), but ROEthlisberger. Thanks for the keen insight...)

Someone told me there was a website like this out there and I couldn't believe it! Your so #CKED ! Sounds like all sour grapes to me pal. Although I will admit that Ben is a good QB........probably #3 in the AFC behind Brady and Manning, the Steeler's are not a real contender this year at all. It will be and as it should be, the Pat's and Colts in the AFC Champ game. Everyone else is just trying to cash in as many playoff checks as they can get. The Pat's( not Brady...we play as a team here) beat you the last couple of years, we beat you once already this year and if your lucky enough to get by Jacksonville ( remember, they have already kicked your azz at home this year) we will beat you again this year. Oh, and by the way, your on the schedule for next year to and the Pat's will beat you then to.
Sorry Pal, this is the NFL and only the really good teams move on. Steeler's haven't been really good for more then a year or two since the 70's. You should become a Penguin Fan......they have a good young stud playing Center there.
Joe from ??? (Probably Cincy...)

*** Editors Note: I.H.T.B. founder is wondering if he is wicked, sacked, whacked, cracked, smacked, hacked, tacked, shacked, racked, stacked, rocked, stalked, socked, or shocked... and BTW, he already is a Pens fan... The Winter Classic, whoa, what a game!
Thanks, Joe. Now get back to your Chowda' - it's getting #old...

I've actually resisted the urge to do some more Hater Baiting. And you people don't make it're so predictable. Speaking of predictable, who besides me expected the Steamers to do a no show against those Jaguars? Ooofa...more embarassing than a drunk Joe Namath hitting on Suzy Kolber. I hope you all backed off the ledge...for the time being anyway. And I do have a special place in my heart for the downtrodden Steelers fans( A very special place for you, Allison...How about you and Lisa get your heels on and meet me on that big honkin' logo in Heinz Field. We'll even shoot some video for Coach Belichick to review later.) What bothers me most is that I don't think that The Most Excellent Tom Terrific will even get to play the Stealers/Squealers/Fagaletts again, since it looks like said Shittsburgh team will have to play the Jags...and we all know they can't get past them. Oh, how sad, to deprive you all of another beatenotomy...I think Mr. Brady says it best in the attached photo, wouldn't you say? (*** Editors note: I could not include the pic Scott sent at this time -- it was entirely too gay...)
Later Haters,
Brady/McCain 2008
Moss for Secretary of the "Just Flew By Your Ass"-terior

Dude, How's the crow sandwich? I will give you credit for placing credit where credit is due, by acknowledging the greatness of the most phenomenal team the NFL has ever seen, as well as their most excellently great QB...Tom Terrific Brady. While the crude displays of rage and consternation by your seemingly male posters are to be expected (they being either 1. bitter and jealous or, 2. gay and threatened by the sheer skill of Tom Terrific, making them also bitter and jealous), I am surprised and somewhat confused at the animosity displayed by the female visitors to your site. Clearly, the menfolk there must be sad examples of the species, and don't give the ladies the attention they need. Or it's just that the Squealers suck ass. I also fail to see why you would look forward to a rematch between the Patriots and the Stealers in the playoffs...Isn't one whipping enough for you people??? Maybe you can call up that Steely McBeam gayblade to fire up the troops. Hopefully you can show the pic too, so you all can see what winners look like.
Scott - Brady/Moss - Great in '08!!

*** Editor's Note: Sure, Scott - Happy to post your pic - And I find it hilarious that you are unable to fathom that a woman exists on this planet who is not as enamored with Tom Gaydy as you are! Our female Brady-Haters ROCK! They're hotter, cooler, funnier, and do everything better than Patsy-Chicks.
And they can all kick your ass... ***

A N D . . . . A nice SMACKDOWN from Allison in Chicago:
"I have a personal message for Scott. First of all unlike 'brady female fans' who are more concerned about who he is dating then his stats... I actually happen to know what goes on during a football game. And I can hold my own in a pair of 4 inch heels with any male football fan. I understand this intimidates Scotty. I would expect that from a Pats fan. Steelers fans...are the only ones man enough to handle it."

Random thoughts from the editor: I was in Chicago for a weekend over the summer checking out Clapton's Crossroads Festival. What a freakin' great city! Check it out if you ever have a chance. Great people, good music, and awesome food.
Also -- Go to the Navy Pier (Food, Beverages, Entertainment, Sights...) We could have spent the entire weekend just at the Pier.
And before you leave town, you have to eat and hear some Blues at Buddy Guy's Legends...
But beware of the cabbies (They'll rob you blind, oh yeah - believe it) , and under ANY circumstances DO NOT BUY ANY POLISH BEER. You will regret it... (In my defense, I thought it would be a cultural experience...) wasn't :(


You should at least get behind a team that shows some fight...the Stealers looked like the Jets practice squad yesterday. Maybe they loaded up on too much Stegmaier or Iron City. Just like a Shitsburg team though - long on talk, short on walk.
Pats Rule!!!,
Brady/Moss - 2008 campaign
Scott - (Probably from Cleveland)

*** Editors Note: "Tommy and Scotty sitting in a tree ..." (... Oh, and BTW, it's Shitsburgh!) ***

Nice web page. Just another hater of the Perfect Patriots!!!! whats your lame excuse going to be when you lose on Sunday. What was your lame excuse when you lost to the shitty Jets, Arizona, Denver. HMMMMM wonder what excuse you will use next. Your team is pathetic. The Pats will show the world just how over rated and god awful your shitty team is your shitty fans your shitty field and your shitty website. Happy losing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous - (*** Editor's Note: Is it just me or does it sound like the above comment might have been from Shady Brady himself ?!?!?!)

*** Editors note: Please log into during the Holiday Season and make a donation to those who are not fortunate enough to purchase a keyboard with a "Question Mark" Key. Whatever you can do helps. Five dollars, ten dollars, or even twenty dollars can buy question mark keys for THOUSANDS of Patriot and Cleveland fans who must spend a large part of their days staring at their keyboards in confusion -- wondering if they will EVER be able to ask a question via email. Please do it now and put an end to this suffering. What's next, Hyphens? Ampersands? ASTERISKS, for God's Sake ???????????? I really don't mean to rub it in by using so many "?" myself -- it's just there, you know???

*** My Chuck Norris facts with contributions from Billy and Brian ***

1. A McDonald's executive once approached Chuck Norris for permission to market a "McNorris" sandwich. Chuck thought about this for a minute then McKilled the executive with a McRoundhouse kick to the head.

2. Jesus rose from the dead on the third day because he remembered that he owed Chuck Norris 2 dollars.

3. Chuck Norris has NEVER escaped death. Death has, however, on a number of occasions escaped Chuck Norris.

4. Chuck Norris never slips and falls. If he is on his back, he is either having sex with a super-model or contemplating ways to kill you.

5. The "3 Shake Rule" does not apply to Chuck Norris. He can shake it a thousand times and he's still not playing with it.

6. A team of doctors and scientists had to search for more than 10 years to find Chuck Norris' feminine side. When they finally found it, they removed it and named it Tom Brady.

7. Chuck Norris doesn't carry a cell phone. If you need to reach him, he'll find you.

8. How many Chuck Norris's does it take to screw in a light bulb? One... He simply hangs on to the bulb and the world revolves around him.

9. Don't be silly, the world does NOT revolve around Chuck Norris. The world revolves around the sun. The sun revolves around Chuck Norris.

10. Chuck Norris has to roundhouse-kick 3 women out of his pants every time he needs to take a leak.

11. Chairs were invented for the sole purpose of making it just a little more difficult for Chuck Norris to kick your ass.

12. Back in the 1970s Chuck Norris and Mean Joe Greene once ran into each other in a dark alley after a tough Steelers victory. A brutal fight quickly ensued. To this day neither man will talk about that night.

13. Stuart Scott's eye was injured when he attempted to compete in a staring contest with Chuck Norris.

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Hey Tom, your "buddies" called and want to know if you're going to hang out with them after the game again this week.
Wait a second.... isn't that Tom Brady on the left ?!?!?!?


Might this explain the "Genius" moniker or the "Future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback" tag?

Take Back the Trophies!
This blatant cheating may have been done during New England's SuperBowl years (or maybe even the actual games)! Regardless Brady or Belidick can never be allowed into the Hall of Fame! Hell, they won't let Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame for BETTING (not necessarily affecting the outcome of the game), while this cheating by N.E. affected the FINAL SCORE!!! It is an OUTRAGE!!! It's a bushel full of ASS-TERISKS!!!


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